They don’t do pants here the same…. jeans, slacks etc. Are “Trousers” and “pants” are underwear… so me, always wearing shorts (yes even in Ireland) say to a local who comments on my shorts that I “rarely ever wear pants”….awkward moment indeed.

This my friends is Genius European engineering at its finest! (Come on America, catch up already!)

This is ASDA. This shop has pretty much everything that Walmart would have except that you order through these giant phone-book-like books and they bring your items out from the back of the counter. Anti theft measures taken to the next level.

This is from the local chippy here in Carnlough. I love the way they do fish suppers here, it’s a giant fillet of fish with chips.

This is sitting on the marine wall peaking through the drainage hole that leads through to the main road.

I like to sit here on high tide because you have to hop over the banister to get to it but in doing so you can sit and read on a fully empty beach.

This was taken by accident while trying to change the settings on my phone. My confused look made me laugh due the accidentalness of this shot, so I’m posting it πŸ˜› lol



Sunday preparations done right. Got a new book to take notes in from a local christian book store. There are a few around here and I’m excited to see what the others have in store.

Yeah, so they don’t exactly spell some things the same here. I’ve been enjoying spotting the differences, some not quite as overt as this.

These are the wall sockets here at the house. Each individual plug has its own on off switch, which is extremely handy for appliances and such.

Matt Olson, this one’s for you πŸ˜‰ I found this in my jacket pocket on one of my hikes.

Old abandoned house I found by following a slightly worn path through the bushes. It was filled with mattresses and beer cans…. so if all goes wrong and I get kicked out for whatever reason, I’ll always have a backup place to live πŸ˜‰

#Samson #nailedit

This was the Bay in the neighboring town of Glenarm. (Favorite picture so far) click on it and look at it in its full size, this one is definitely getting printed when I get home.

A bridge in Glennarm

Every cloud has a Silver lining but this one had a lot of them.

This was the mop bucket I used to mop up the church gymnasium. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the engineering, but it worked well enough.

Walking through the beautiful little village of Broughshane, this was carved of wood.

Bird sanctuary in Broughshane

This was right next to the bunny rabbit cages…. I’d like to think that I was king of the bunnies, made me feel powerful.

This was an interesting egg sculpture… though I still hold its a semi-poor replication of the Death Star.

These are from the town of Broughshane as well. They collect wood all year round and make these HUGE piles to make bonfires on July 12th; this day is to celebrate William of Orange’s success in battle. It’s the day the protestants basically celebrate their past victory in Ulster over the previous Catholic rulers of the day (to my understanding)

Graveyard behind the church I’m helping with in the village of Newtowncrommelin.

Oooohhh yeah, these are the chickens I made for the group. 8 months working in a rotisserie finally paid off. Haha

Cranny Falls with the group from Florida (minus 1)

can’t beet it.


Golfing at Cairendhu golf course. Beautiful!

The golf course was amazing. Not to brag or anything, but I scored over 100 for the day!….. golf is difficult πŸ˜›

This was hilarious! If that’s a person’s name I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit on a soccer jersey. #sorrykid

This was driving down a back road up hill with a car full of guys. The car bottomed out for a second and stalled and so I took a second to appreciate the situation by taking a deep breath and snapping a picture of what looked like Cow-sheep.

Favorite picture #2

Many of the trees here have Ivy growing on them, a fact with which I hope I never get used to.

Wise words….

Fancy tea with the group, in a small tea room in the village of Cushendall (where the evening service is held)

Their menu’s had on them what seemed to me to be Bill Clinton….. and… Monica ? 0.0

This was a pudding party. This is what we spent a day and a half passing flyers out for in neiboring villages (worth it!). It was a fundraiser for a group that fights human trafficking. The ladies all made various desserts and donated them along with tea and coffee. There were probably 10 more added after this picture was taken. I gotta say this might have been my favorite event yet, it was great getting to meet good people from the church and getting to know some of them better.

These were the flyers we passed out in town for a special service this past Sunday. It was filled with choir led worship and had a really encouraging turn out of people. It’s done every year to raise funds for the local rescue boat. 

This just seemed….unwise.

Here is where we went to a hurley game! It’s a local sport that’s bassically lacrosse but with wooden sticks (shaped like an axe handle) and no pads or gloves on at all….. it was intense! Oh, and also, it’s only played by Catholics. You should look it up!

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