Many first adventures

Soooo, this is Moy Park. They produce huge amounts of chicken and are relatively famous around here. They actually got big enough to be a large supporter of the World Cup and advertise there. Any ways, that’s actually all irrelevant but now you know, so you’re welcome. This is bassically […]

Look out Ireland, I be here.

God is good, I’d like to start and finish with that unequivocal truth. My overall travels have been smooth and comfortable (as much as possible) and I’ve been very encouraged by all those that I’ve met. I landed in Dublin alright after flying the red-eye so with the 5 hour […]


I tried Scrapple for the first time. It’s a local (Pennsylvania dutch) edible like substance which was described to me jokingly as and I quote here “Essentially the left over when they’re done making hotdogs”. I thought to myself “No it can’t be that bad…” so I looked it up […]

First week of Travels

This week was the start of my Grand adventure, a week I have been looking forward to for almost a year and a half now. I’ve been extremely encouraged by the smoothness of my travels thus far. Everything has been hitch free, things such as lack of motion-sickness to nothing […]